Formerly known as Border Terrier Fanciers in the West, the club has been in existence for a number of years. Like a number of clubs, it has undergone peaks and valleys in terms of membership and activity. Current membership is at approximately 50 households and the club is quite active, with most of the membership residing in the greater Los Angeles Area. Many members are active in conformation, obedience, agility and/or earthdog events. Whether active in the sport of dogs or not, all members cherish the companionship of our remarkable and beloved Border Terriers.

In 1993 the club hosted the Border Terrier Club of America's National Specialty Show in Anaheim, California - well known home of Disneyland. We are working hard preparing for the same honor in 2002. This time the site is Long Beach, California - home of the Queen Mary. (Let's face it, nearly every place in Southern California is the home of something or another.)

In the last 2 years the club has shared honors putting on earthdog tests with the Fox Terrier club. Additionally, we have held a number of earthdog practices and conformation matches, co-hosted an agility show-and-go, as well as supporting conformation show entries under the banner of the BTCA.

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